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Carly Hudson

Emcee Team


   Here at SongBook, we recognize the impact music has on our culture and community. It has the power to challenge, heal, and unite people from all different walks of life. Music can spell out our feelings when we can’t pinpoint them ourselves. It can twist us up in knots and ease our weary souls. Music is important, period. We feel that too often, the greater Jacksonville community is not connected to music outside of a pop star coming to town or the low hum of the live musician in the background at a restaurant. We want the community to meet their very own local musicians in a meaningful way, and we want our talented, local songwriters to have a platform worthy of their art.

   Also, we are female musicians ourselves. We know the feeling of always being placed at the opening of a show in order to kill time while the crowds pile in. We understand the inner, self defeating dialogue that comes up when the conversation grows louder than our song. We hope to provide an environment where female musicians feel empowered and comfortable sharing their music and their story. We also want the community to have an opportunity to really focus in on the talent the is growing right in front of their eyes.


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